After three years of careful planning and preparation Aerocircular® was formally founded in 2016. Aerocircular® is a new Belgian company that provides green, service-only, economical end-of-life aircraft recycling/up-cycling services to fleet owners. It is based at the international airport of Ostend – Bruges.  Aerocircular® employs approximately and depending on customer demand between 20 and 60 people.

Price effectiveness

The dismantled parts and raw materials remain property of the initial aircraft owner! Upon client’s request, we can act as (or work with) brokers for maximizing the revenue out of the recovered parts and natural resources. This allows us to be totally transparent towards our fee structure and this guarantees that we work in the best financial interest of our customers.

Green outflow

Anticipating strict international regulations in economical end-of-life aircraft processing, Aerocircular® has a policy of maximising the green outflow of the aircraft parts that are not reused. Its tailor made process and partnerships are made to guarantee a 99% recycling of the processed aircraft. Our label also allows our customers to promote their green policy towards managing an ever-growing problem.

Housing & maintenance

Aerocircular® provides for its customers a housing solution of reusable spare parts with the appropriate maintenance required. One of our services is to ship housed parts in the required speed to the destination of their choice.

Certifications & Worry-free

Our technical staff and partners in the aviation industry are all EASA parts 145 certified. Aerocircular® is also currently applying to all necessary green outflow certifications.

circular® provides all the services necessary for the end-of-life process as one-stop-shop. From finding missing documentation to maintaining, on a long-term basis, housed spare parts. This allows our customers to focus only on their core business as we focus on ours.

Service only

The novelty of Aerocircular® is that we provide a service-only and tailor made solution for fleet owners. Our income is generated from a service approach following the requirements and need of our customers, always keeping his interest at heart. This means that our customers also keeping their value of their fleet as assets on their balance sheet.

Aircraft Storage Program & Parking Facilities

Regardless of the reasons for an aircraft being stored, Aerocircular® provides all the assistance to preserve any aircraft as long as required during the non-operation of the aircraft. Our effective storage program is designed to allow the operator to readily return the stored aircraft to an operational status.

Recycling / up-cycling

Aerocircular® looks after all the process of the non-reused parts to be recycled or up-cycled for the client. Whatever income is generated from this process is either reimbursed to the client or deducted from our service fee. Up-cycling is especially interesting as its purpose is to maximise value while increasing quality.