Aerocircular and ETAP Lighting team up in a Light As A Service project

A new dismantling hall for aircraft, requires a high quality of light to do a proper job. Aerocircular is building a fully recyclable hall but is also aiming at energy efficiency. For that reason it has chosen a more translucent fabric for the hall, so daylight use can be maximized. The lighting that will be installed consists of LED lights that anticipate to the daylight coming in. Instead of buying luminaires, Aerocircular teamed up with Belgian lighting company ETAP to work out a ‘light as a service’ concept. Aerocircular ‘buys light’, not luminaires. ETAP will stay the owner of the light fixtures and will be payed to ensure a constant brightness, quality and performance of the light in Aerocircular’s hall. After ten years, the contract can be prolonged and if not, ETAP takes back the luminaires and they will get a second life.

A full article (in Dutch) can be read at the Agoria website. Agoria is the federation for the technology industry in Belgium.

(Picture by ETAP)