Aerocircular has signed the Green Deal Circular Procurement


Together with the Flemish minister of Environment, 87 public and private organizations and 47 supporting parties, Aerocircular® has signed the Green Deal Circular Procurement. Procurement has a major role to play in the transition towards a circular economy. Circular procurement is all about making the right choices early on in the product creation process, so that materials and components are suitable, at end-of-life, for repair or refurbishment and re-use, thus helping to close the materials loop. Circular procurement adds value in other ways too. For instance, by extending and intensifying long-term business relationships with suppliers and customers. And by promoting innovative performance- or usage-based business models that focus on access to services and products rather than ownership.

Other participants are companies such as BASF, IKEA Belgium, Colruyt, BPost and Besix together with different governmental organizations, cities and provinces. The Green Deal offers Aerocircular® the opportunity to experiment and to learn as part of a broad network and gives access to knowledge, instruments and best practices. Aerocircular® has pledge to perform two pilots concerning circular procurement during the Green Deal. The Green Deal started on 8th June 2017 and will end 30th June 2019.

More info is to be found at the website vlaanderen circulair (in Dutch)