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Aerocircular is finalizing its launching project

Aerocircular is finalizing the dismantling of an Airbus A340 at Frankfurt International Airport this week. We were commissioned by Lufthansa Technik to prepare the aircraft for demolition and to take care of the final teardown.

In the process we have worked very closely together with different divisions of Lufthansa Technik to deliver parts and components for their training purposes and research. Furthermore Aerocircular is co-operating with local partners so material and waste transport can be minimized.

CEO Koen Staut: ‘We are very proud having Lufthansa Technik as our launching customer. For us it is the proof that we have made the right choices in building the adequate business model’.

Until the permanent facility in Ostend (Belgium) – which is being build now – is operational, Aerocircular is doing similar projects on site the next coming months.






The A340 (‘D-AIFA’) in 2017 and last week…