VTM Nieuws 07052020

Inauguration Hilti Diamond Wire Cutting Device in Ostend

On Thursday May 7, 2020 Aerocircular® has inaugurated the largest portal saw in the world that Hilti has ever built in the hangar at the airport of Ostend. The large saw is 11 meters high and 9 meters wide and was specially developed by Aerocircular® and Hilti to saw the fuselage of an A320 or B737 aircraft with a diamond wire in ‘slices’.

The pieces cut with Hilti’s largest diamond wire cutting device will on the one hand be reused in more or less intact condition (e.g. the cockpit will be converted into a flight simulator) to the customer, and on the other hand further reduced in function of the ideal volume of material. Eventually, all materials will end up back in the (secondary) raw material costs.

Watch the video item by VTM Nieuws below !

Just a perfect saw