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Press: Aerocircular and VLOC get started with a Rolls-Royce

Aircraft dismantler Aerocircular is working with the VLOC (Vlaams Luchtvaartopleidingscentrum – Flemish Center for Aeronautical Training) to dismantle a Rolls-Royce aircraft engine. Before Aerocircular definitively disassembles the engine for recycling, students are given a unique opportunity to work together on the engine for several weeks, to perform maintenance operations and to learn how to disassemble and assemble components of the engine.
It is interesting times for the students at the Flemish Aviation Training Center at the Nieuwpoortsesteenweg in Ostend. Since the end of August, there is a real Rolls-Royce in the practice room. The RR Trent 500 comes from an Airbus 340-600, one of the larger aircraft in civil aviation. With its 5 tons, a diameter of 2.70 meters and a length of more than 4 meters, it is the largest engine they ever received at VLOC.
Aircraft dismantler Aerocircular worked together with Lufhansa Technik in Hamburg to acquire the engine. If the project is successfully executed, there may be more of these to come. The excellent cooperation between Aerocircular and the VLOC led to the idea that before the engine is to be completely dismantled, first teachers and students at VLOC would have the opportunity to learn from the presence of the engine. This gives them the opportunity to work on an engine type that is currently still present in civil aviation.
CEO of Aerocircular Koen Staut: “We are very pleased with this collaboration. As a company, we consider our role towards society of great importance. Co-operation with education and aviation training in particular fits perfectly in that engagement. Just like the high-quality recycling of an engine that might otherwise be scrapped. At the same time, it is the confirmation of Aerocircular as a company that we have finally arrived in Ostend and are starting our activities”.
Here you can find a news feature on the local news channel. (in Dutch)